Volume One: Adventures in Faith

Venture into a Heavenly Romance
Imagine it. The Creator of the universe longs for time with you. The Lover of your soul is asking you out on a series of dates. He patiently awaits your response. The Almighty calls:

“Come away with Me, My beloved.”

You may love God with all of your heart. You might long for creative ways to express yourself. Maybe you’re asking these questions:

What do dates with God look like?

How can I fall in love with Jesus?

Take a bold step of faith. Become intentional about how you interact with God. Accept the divine invitation. Pursue the One who pursues you with a love beyond compare. Explore new depths of spiritual intimacy in your supernatural relationship through these 25 dates with God.

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25 Dates With God: Volume 1 Adventures in Faith (KINDLE)

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25 Dates With God: Volume 1 Adventures in Faith (PAPERBACK)

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  • We welcome comments by readers who would like to share about their own Dates with God. If you share your experiences and photos taken on dates on social media, please use the hashtag #dateswithGod
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