A new book series by Cheryl McKay called Dates With God.

Currently, Volumes 1-2 are out on Amazon. I would love to hear from readers once you have a chance to go on some dates!

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Each installment will have 25 Chapters, representative of 25 dates with God. The series is inspired by Cheryl McKay’s screenplay, Never the Bride, and one of her favorite scenes: When Jessie goes on a date with God and dances with Him for her birthday. When she was still single, Cheryl enjoyed many dates with God that serve as the inspiration behind the date ideas shared in the book series. Her heart is to help others foster intimate relationships with Jesus, a communicative relationship with God and the Holy Spirit. She believes whether single or married, women should always make a practice of getting time alone with God and hopes to start a movement where others share their date experiences and ideas with each other.  #dateswithGod

Never the Bride: a novel is based on the screenplay and co-authored with Rene Gutteridge:


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25 Dates With God: Volume 1 Adventures in Faith (PAPERBACK)

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